Heading to Montreal, sitting in a train for the next 5 hours listening to podcasts. The entrepreneurs and stand-up comedians I listen to can’t stress enough that when they travel around the world for gigs or lectures, sitting in a plane or train is the perfect space to be productive. Clearly they never traveled on a Greyhound or a Coach Canada bus. I needed to take this occasion to write the first blog post for our new blog, Understanding Design

The end of this summer, marks the 3rd year anniversary of Kassem and I’s design studio, Half Hunter. We wanted to document our progress, our milestones, and the things we’ve learned along the way. I could say we made more than 99 mistakes throughout our journey, and starting our own design studio ain’t one.

The importance of showing up at the studio, solve problems, take hard decisions, ask quality questions, execute ideas, communicate, trusting one another are the core-actions that drive us on a daily basis.

Our mission is to generate a conversation about creativity, design thinking, entrepreneurship, development, best practices, inspiration and you’ll even find some cooking recipes here and there.

We sure hope you find the resource on this blog helpful as we had a great time preparing it for you.

If you have any further comments or suggestions do not hesitate to comment or tweet at us. We are on twitter.