For many of us, staying away from our phone is tough, even when we have to focus on more important things such as school, work, friends or family. That’s why the creators of Flipd developed their unique “time-out” app that helps control the habit of excessive phone use and reduce mobile distractions. With Flipd’s innovative two-way locking feature, users can disable calls, text messages and notifications from their phone — or another’s — for a pre-set period of time. Once “Flipd off” (or locked out), users can take a digital detox vacation, even if it’s only for an hour.

The Toronto startup behind Flipd had the concept and the tools, but needed a sharp design team to set their ideas in motion. Half Hunter came on board to create a clean, simple and user-friendly interface, with the aim that anyone and everyone would be able to use the app quickly and seamlessly.

UI/UX Design
Anyone looking for a digital detox
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Flipd Off Button

Our Approach

We immediately wanted to incorporate the mood of the “Flipd off” concept into our design. The app’s descriptive terms stuck with us: quiet and limit excess noise, push away distractions, and focus attentions elsewhere. We kept these words in mind when designing the app’s buttons, which are rendered in round, heavy outlines. We thought of these shapes as a protective bubble; the same protective bubble blocking out the white noise of our phones when Flipd is activated.

Opening the App

The first thing the user sees after signing in is the tutorial walkthrough. We kept the tutorial text minimal, encouraging the user to easily move through the key functions of Flipd and begin their digital detox.

Flipd Slider

The Design

The principles of Flipd are reduction, simplicity, peace and ease. Our design reflects that zen peace the user should feel when their phone is “Flipd off.” We stuck to a very basic colour palette and kept the layout minimalistic. The app’s subdued background illustration is a gently sloping mountainscape rendered in cool and calming tones. In contrast, the white “Flipd off” button positively glows in space. This is the last eye-catching button the user should have to encounter before their phone is locked, and they can relax.

"Click to interact with me"
Flipd Flipd Profile Flipd Total: 3h 55m. Flip OFF
Flipd Response Auto Response On
"I'm busy using Flipd, will call you soon! Flipd Edit Button
Flipd Groups Groups

Overall, the interface is as simple, clear and easy to navigate as the main functions of the app, so that users can curb their distractions with the flick of a Flipd switch.

Flipd Alarm On
Flipd Response Off

"I'm busy using Flipd, will call you soon!"

Swipe to Unlock
0000 +

hours spent
Flipd off

The Result

The Flipd team has created a groundbreaking app that can help anyone control their smartphone habit and get back to the task at hand—whether it’s meeting a deadline, enjoying dinner with friends, or just finding some time for you or a (distracted) family member to relax without checking the phone every minute. Everyone needs some time to get “Flipd off” now and then.

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