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I Love Tennis (ILT) was first conceived as a forum for Toronto’s tennis community, where players could find a tennis partner by posting or browsing listings. While the site was sustainable, the dated look and static functionality wasn’t meeting the needs of the creator of ILT, or the users.

Our Approach
The new I Love Tennis site needed to engage and foster a fun tennis community in the region. Driven by that idea, we designed a social media, match-up and local business site in one. We constructed a comprehensive system that allows users to set up profiles, add tennis "Buddies", post status updates to call out for games, and custom search a database of courts and clubs.

Web Startup
UI/UX Design
Web Development
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While doing the strategic research for I Love Tennis, our team concluded that tennis lovers in the city weren’t playing as much tennis as they would like.

Some of the reasons included:

Not having enough time; 62%

No partners to play with; 62%

Injury/Health Problem; 18%

No courts nearby; 16%

No one at my skill level; 8%

By addressing a matchmaking solution, injury awareness and court access, the industry has potential opportunities to grow it's frequent player base.

Here was a unique opportunity to not only reinvigorate the design of I Love Tennis, but to also completely reimagine the site’s goal and features. In effect, create an entirely new product: a one-stop resource for tennis enthusiasts in Toronto and the GTA.

Post & Play

Want to hit the courts within the next couple of hours or days? The design of the Post and Play feature allows a user to “shout out” to all other players in the ILT community, without using the direct message function.

I have a court booked tonight from 8 to 10 PM at the East Bubble of the North York Winter Tennis Club.
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Weekdays Weekends Flexible
Penny Ouest
Hi there. I am looking to get back on court this summer for either a recreational hit or match play. My schedule is flexible. I'm currently in the hunt for a good club to join so hopefully in the meantime I can be someone's guest. Cheers!
  • 1Birch Road
  • 2Rotary Park
  • 3Prince of Wales Park
  • 4Laburnham Park
  • 5Rye Heritage Park
Last Active
February 25th
I will BARK there, see you then!
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Afternoons Evenings Weekends
Tokino Sako
i've been called the John McEnroe of my generation, that good.

Responsive Web Design

Tennis players are frequently on the go and looking for easy time-management solutions to sneak in a quick match. For this reason, we made sure to build a mobile and tablet user-friendly website. Users are able to access their account and set-up a game anywhere, anytime. This also helps players find other courts nearest to their location if their first choice is overcrowded.


2 Courts

Moss Park

150 Sherbourne Street, Torontowebsite



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Afternoons Evenings Weekends
Looking for someone to rally with. I live and work in downtown so I am flexible in terms of time and location in Toronto.
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Morning Evening Flexible
Monsieur Edouard
I am 28 y.o. and am looking to play tennis in Oakville area. My level is intermediate. I am looking for a tennis partner with similar skill level or higher within 25-35 y.o. age group.
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Morning Afternoons Weekends
Mr. Tenenbaum
I won’t take off my shoes and start crying if you win. Join me at the Tennis Academy.

The Brand

Inspired by the energy and positive tone of the sport, we developed a brand identity and logo that was fun, joyful, communal, and vibrant. The site has a buoyant feeling created by rich, summer colours, crisp photography, and playful graphic icons. The logo is simple and interactive. The brand identity was designed with flexibility in mind: if the project expands, it can easily be adapted to showcase different sports.


The one-stop resource is consistently growing. Profile are being created on a daily basis. Tennis lovers are using the website to expand their circle of tennis partners. Coaches are slowly introducing themselves, making it a hub to find new consumers.
While Tennis continues to gain momentum in Canada, we are proud to know that the community that we have built and design, will have an increase growth of participation and development of tennis enthusiast throughout the city. We also believe that I Love Tennis is a great initiative to have for a healthier Toronto.

2 Courts

Moss Park

150 Sherbourne Street, Torontowebsite