Functional-Imperative, a development studio based in Toronto, came to us to collaborate on a new live-streaming service ready to hit the market: Kastio.

Inspired by Eventstream, Kastio is an interactive webcasting platform that allows small enterprises and professionals to broadcast their events online directly from their website. Easy to use and affordable, Kastio offers an endless list of features: a user-customizable landing page, built-in powerpoint, chatrooms, custom analytics, surveys, quizzes, social media integration, and a built-in video player for all mobile devices.

Webcasting & Live-Streaming Software
UI/UX Design
Marketeers, Small Businesses
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Our Approach

We were approached to design the user interface of the platform, and Functional-Imperative simply told us to “build some cool sh*t.” We liked the carte blanche; we really wanted to push the possibilities of Kastio’s look.

Pixel Gif
Josh Borts
Partner, Functional Imperative

"We came to Half Hunter with a challenge: design a next-generation video streaming service for our client, Kastio, that is beautiful, responsive and intuitively configures itself to show the viewer the content they want, by inferring a user's intent. This pushed the bounds of both web and interaction design, towards an A.I.-backed world of inference that is only starting to appear from the likes of Google and Apple. Half Hunter was up to the challenge, producing and quickly iterating on prototypes that captured the requirements, yet were bound in feasible solutions within the project budget. We could not be prouder to show off their amazing work."

Automated Landing Page

We designed a customizable template for Kastio’s client, allowing them to create a flexible and dynamic landing page for any webcast.

Landing Page
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Landing page

User Interaction

Building a responsive platform that contained numerous elements was quite a feat. The video player included a real-time chat board, polls, questions and surveys — in addition to a synced powerpoint. And all of these widgets needed to work for both mobile and tablet devices without limiting the experience. To streamline the look and interface, we designed a custom dashboard, letting the Kastio user order the priority of the widgets — or hide them completely — during the webcast.

Tablet Landscape

Branding from EventStream to Kastio

Pleased by our interface design (and collaboration with Functional-Imperative), Kastio commissioned us to create a whole new brand identity to outfit the entire platform. We were hooked: we saw an opportunity for Kastio to create a splash among the webcasting service market.

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3 Dots

From this request, the Kastio logo was born. Using three dots we were able to convey the service’s core brand values: innovation, progress, and engagement. The visual reminded us of a sequential language, like Morse code — a message sent instantly from one place to another.

Kastio Graphic

The Launch

With Live-Stream, Ustream and other big competitors appearing, Kastio is expanding very quickly and adding new features to compete for the business and training event market. Luckily for the company, they not only have a great product: they have a captivating and creative interface that makes them stand out from the crowd.